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2013 Psychic Predictions, Vine Psychic – All Came True!

Vine is releasing her US and Australian 2013 psychic predictions. To learn more about Vine’s latest political predictions for US political leaders go to: vinemedium.com.au Latest Australian psychic political prediction to come true. Julia Gillard Labor Party in trouble in February. go to: vinemedium.com.au Latest prediction to come true in 2013 – Large Sinkhole causes mining controversy vinemedium.com.au Latest predictions to come true in 2013 – Space Rocket losing control or malfunctioning www.vinemedium.com.au Childhood computer Addiction New Science Discovery vinemedium.com.au www.vinemedium.com.au 2013 Psychic Predictions by Natural Born Medium, Australian Vine Read Vine’s 2013 psychic predictions about false prophets who peddle black magic curse removal products. Vine shares why people around the world need to be careful of psychic readers, gypsy scams and affiliates effecting your spiritual aura. www.vinemedium.com.au Read Vine’s 2013 psychic prediction about natural disasters and world weather events in New Zealand, UK, Ring of Fire etc. vinemedium.com.au Read Vine’s spiritual warning about a possible terrorist attack overseas created by a country who lives in fear. www.vinemedium.com.au Nearly every Australian psychic prediction that Vine updated in 2013 has come true in 2013 or at the start of 2013. Find out why Vine’s psychic predictions are considered to be the best modern prophecies on the web. Psychic. Vine’s 2013 Predictions regularly updated on her website

Psychic/Astrological predictions as to when my fiance and I will marry…?
My fiance and I have been together for almost six years and will be engaged for two years in February. We had wanted to get married this past fall, but could not. We are hoping 2013 will be the year. Do you see this happening, and,if so, when? Thanks so much!

Name – Sarah
DOB – October 19, 1989
Birth time – 10:10AM
Birth place – Voorhees, New Jersey, USA

Name – Andrew
DOB – October 5,1989
Birth time – Approximately 8:26AM
Birth place – Tacoma, Washington, USA

Answer by J Walker
I do see a marriage in the future, November 2013. I feel there are some financial issues that need to be resolved before this can happen. I also see and issue with a family member not being all that keen about the marriage. Don’t be concerned about this, they will get over it.
Good luck!

Would you like to make a prediction for 2013?
Everyone is psychic in their own way, so..lets see if they come true.

Answer by Lefty
I predict that 2013 will have 365 days.

Answer by Kaine Ritchie
I predict that the day after the 31st of december 2013, a new year will commence

Answer by guharamdas
i predict only for $ $ $

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3 Responses to 2013 Psychic Predictions, Vine Psychic – All Came True!

  1. 1initiate February 23, 2012 at 4:27 am #

    A lot of these psychic predictions mainly occurred in Australia. Which means most people wouldn’t identify with them. All in all, they are accurate and that’s what counts.

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  2. VinePsychicLine February 23, 2012 at 5:25 am #

    @camelont688 you can find all of Vine’s predictions on her predictions webpage. Vine’s psychic predictions updates are transparent for her readers and the science community to find and make their own mind up about. She now has thousands of people around the globe visiting her site because of her accuracy. Thanks for your comment. Vine Consultancy

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  3. camelont688 February 23, 2012 at 5:51 am #

    Too bad these “psychic’s” don’t write those predictions down hmm? Then of course, anyone that criticizes your work doesn’t get their post approved. You’re such bs…

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