Q&A: are there any real chat rooms left? yahoo chat is all hookers and bots. somewhere I can really connect?

2844697378 955916d8ca Q&A: are there any real chat rooms left? yahoo chat is all hookers and bots. somewhere I can really connect?

are there any real chat rooms left? yahoo chat is all hookers and bots. somewhere I can really connect?
I’m on the road a lot. I’d like to chat but the yahoo chat rooms are all people wanting me to go to their webcams. are there any real chat rooms available? thanks.

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Answer by Sweet
As far as I can think it’s been that way for a very long time now. Chat Rooms are not the same anymore, sadly.

2843863331 6588fa73a8 Q&A: are there any real chat rooms left? yahoo chat is all hookers and bots. somewhere I can really connect?

Is it true that chat rooms are being closed down on Dec. 14th?
Word in a recent email is that yahoo is closing the chat rooms. Is that fact or fiction? For Senior citizens who can’t get out this is bad news. What’s the TRUTH?

Answer by echinopsis .
Yes, it is true, read this: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=content&y=PROD_MSNG&locale=en_US&id=SLN8407

Oh, and just in case you are looking for a new home where you can still meet with your friends (virtually), please take a look at this free service: http://www.chatzy.com/

Note: I’m not associated with the site and don’t make any money by introducing it to you, but some of my friends highly recommend it and when I looked at the conditions, I couldn’t find anything negative…:-)

Answer by Windows Server
You can also try WinBus messenger it’s as close as you can get too Yahoo, it’s a stand alone messenger with chat rooms and voice chat here’s the features to WinBus Messenger

Answer by Rob
I agree this is a bad move, i love yahoo chat and use this for more then just chatting with people i know, i love the networking capabilities to meet knew people and find new friends… If not for yahoo chat i would never have met my beautiful wife i am married to today, after 15 years still going strong… please re-think this decision, it would be sad to see this go, i mean to be honest, what is the point of having yahoo messenger if there is no chat rooms? Might as well just use facebook, if you’re going to neuter your service by removing all of the best qualities you might as well just remove the entire messenger service aswell

Please re-think this decision…. Thousands of people use this service and enjoy it, please think about your users for once, we do not want you to close your yahoo chat service to improve other things, we want you to improve your yahoo chat service if anything…

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2 Responses to Q&A: are there any real chat rooms left? yahoo chat is all hookers and bots. somewhere I can really connect?

  1. Otek August 2, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    I have been chatting in yahoo rooms since they were web/java based…I have met a wide variety of great people through this network..yahoo has always been my choice when it comes to email..messenger..games..even used yahoo home page for years..but as sad as it may sound, if yahoo decides to pull the plug on chat , i will discontinue use of any yahoo product,web apps,i will also be changing email providers..they are making a big mistake..and they will see that in the long run..they will lose alot their loyal customers like myself.and they will see a huge decline in “premium’ account holders.people rely on these chat services more than these idiots realize obviously..yahoo chat is one of the original social networks for me, and many others.And the bots and Spam is no excuse,.to pull the plug.yahoo has the power, and know how,to hire the top notch developers and programmers to find and fix the bugs, spam,etc..create different logins protocols etc..they chose not to..in my opinion they are admitting defeat to the scammers booters and thugs..that is just my 2 cents..I am very disappointed, and upset to hear yahoo’s decision to close down chatrooms. Plain and simple they just aren’t making enough revenue off it.. SCREW YOU YAHOO, I WILL MISS YOU..:(

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  2. Nixon August 2, 2013 at 1:43 am #

    Hello –

    The following Yahoo! Messenger Blog post has information on the upcoming changes to some Yahoo! Messenger product features:


    We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo!


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