What is up with the ‘Illuminati 2013 new world order’?

1983488176 b20b6ec1b4 What is up with the Illuminati 2013 new world order?

What is up with the ‘Illuminati 2013 new world order’?
I keep seeing it everywhere!
I also heard that on November 2013 whoever looks up with Illuminati will disappear? wtf.

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Can anyone update me? thank you

Answer by 0% interest
The Illuminati and NWO is real; the 2013 thing is not.

Answer by Lindsay H
Follow the link below…sarcasm will be found!

Answer by doqqone lover ♥
I don’t know what all this cráp about Illuminati and the new world order and 2013 is – but I sure do not believe anything about it! This is just something some people made up to scare us human beings. There are no such thing as “a new world order” and Satan and worshiping Satan .. o__o

I choose to NOT believe in such thing. I think the whole thing is pure rubbish.
So people believe there are some chosen people on earth who’s gonna bring us down and that Satan watches over us and is gonna kill us cause we don’t believe in him etcetc? .. Please.

1466707689 d8666a571d What is up with the Illuminati 2013 new world order?

What happens If humans refuse the microchips from the Illuminati in 2013?
What will happen to us?
@TSA agent giving me a pat down – If you think the Illuminati’s a fucking conspiracy theory then you’re crazy.

Answer by TSA agent giving me a pat down
FEMA for you.

Answer by Liberals can Jack Meoff
FEMA Camps

Answer by Nicholas J
Get real man. Those chips are going to be too expensive to be just given away.
Somehow we will all line up to buy them.. Think next-generation blue tooth..
It won’t be the illuminati either, it will be Sony and or IBM..

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2 Responses to What is up with the ‘Illuminati 2013 new world order’?

  1. ιℓу мι¢нαєℓ נα¢кѕση-Paige. (: May 23, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    illuminati is real. It’s so obvious. Open your eyes!

    But the whole 2011 thing is BULL . That is just a rumor for us to not learn about it. But we should. At first, i thought it was all crazy but it makes so much sense. Just look it up. It’s scary sh*t , but it doesn’t have to be if you have a good relationship with God.


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  2. towwwdothello May 23, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    The State will rehabilitate deviants who refuse to comply. Possibly a huge fine similar to the health care initiative.

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